How to Choose a PR Software as Your Next Investment

Person coding a PR software

Whether you’re a public relations professional or a reporter, you could use a little help from technology.

Just decades ago, a reporter or a PR practitioner had to rely solely on the low-tech tools available to them. This wasn’t exactly a drawback, as it taught them how to use their wits, talent, and good old-fashioned research to do their job.

There’s no reason, however, why you shouldn’t benefit from a PR software like Babbler now to make your job just a bit easier and more streamlined. There may be a ton of these types of software out there, so here are some ideas on how to determine which one you should try.

Easy to use

This should be a primary consideration for any software, and software built for PR professionals should not be an exception. The idea is to make your work easier and faster to do, and software that gets in the way of that isn’t good software at all.

Strong distribution platform

You have the latest on the brand you’re working for, and all you have to do now is to make it known to the public or concerned parties. A public relations software that has an easy-to-use yet powerful distribution platform can make it much, much easier to share your news with others.


You don’t want software that you have to watch and tweak all the time. What you want is something that gives you the power of automation. Just press the button and watch as your press release reaches your desired network.

Instant access

For reporters, being late to the party is just unacceptable. Software that keeps you updated with stories, videos, and other content is your best friend. It alerts you when your network or contacts upload a story.

Using a public relations software is a must these days for PR practitioners and reporters. The right software can give you the capability to “be there” as it happens.