3 Reasons to Move Your Storage Above Ground

Silver tanks for storage

The standard practice for storing oil or gas has been to place them underground. A lot of people cite that this is because it makes for a better-looking environment. However, with proximity to water supply and piping, it can be hazardous, and costly to conduct cleaning should a leak occur.

Experts from Heartland Tank Services give the three most significant benefits of switching to and leveraging on an above ground steel tank:

Easy monitoring

One of the biggest problems with an underground tank is that it’s challenging keeping tabs on its state. In fact, you usually only find out there’s a problem with the terrible effects it has on the environment around your property. At that point, you’re likely to have to spend a lot on cleanups and damage repair. With an above ground tank, you can check daily for any potential damage and problem spots.

Convenient relocation

Usually, once you’ve put in your underground storage, that’s it. It would be difficult to relocate it should you change your mind in the future. With an above ground steel tank, it’s far easier to transfer should the need arise. Sure, there is still a process to be followed, and you’d need specialized equipment, but its visibility makes the task significantly easier. This is perfect when you’re expanding your operations or moving to a better location.

Quicker maintenance

The simplest key to keeping your storage in the best shape is to just put effort into keeping it in the best shape. That requires constant maintenance of its many parts and components as well as perhaps a fresh coat of paint now and then. With an above ground tank, the task can be done quickly and as often as you want.

Move to an above ground tank, and you can easily benefit from these three advantages. Ultimately, it will mean a lot of convenience and savings for you and your business.