4 Tools Every Hairdresser Must Have

Special scissors for trimming

Special scissors for trimmingIf doctors have a stethoscope, surgeons have a scalpel, and dentists have a sickle probe, what would it be for a hairstylist? You've probably asked that question too many times especially with the amount of things you've seen and witnessed on the salon. That's why to satisfy your curiosity about these things, here are the top four hairstyling tools most hairdressers couldn't live without.

1. Shears

To achieve those creative and perfectly trimmed haircuts, any stylist would need a trusty pair of shears. They often own at least three types of shears, which are the hairdressing thinning scissors, styling shears, and the barber shears. They always keep their shears sharp because a dull blade could instantly ruin a person's hair.

2. Brushes and combs

To get those locks in place and manageable, it's a must for any hairdresser to have a set of combs and brushes. They may look the same to you but knowing each type will give your stylist the power to keep your hair in place as well as add volume, bounce, and intensify the shine of your locks.

3. Blow dryer

Another hairstyling tool on the list is the blow dryer. In fact, if you ask any hairdresser, it's as valuable as the scissors. It helps them dry hair faster especially when styling to achieve the look or effect they're going for. It can also bring out the natural shine of hair as well as make it look smoother and healthier. 

4. Straightening iron

Straightening iron is another must-have for any stylist. Although you may argue that they don't use it as much as combs, shears or dryers, silky straight locks are always a go-to style for many. It's classy, elegant and could work for any occasion. Many hairdressers turn to this style when they run out of ideas. This is why it's understandable they consider straightening iron as an essential hair tool.

Do you have plans on pursuing a career on hairstyling or are simply curious about their survival kit? Regardless of your reason, hopefully this list helps you find out some of the most important tools they have. If you want, you could also use this reference to create your own home hairstyling tips.