Why Some Men Love Cowboy Boots

The perks of wearing cowboy boots

For most men, there seems to be no special reason to wear a fancy pair of cowboy boots. They’re more expensive than most regular shoes, and unless you know how to wear them, you’d only look like you’re trying so hard but failing miserably.

But there are men out there who just love the western lifestyle. Even if they didn’t grow up in that culture, they believe that they have it in their genes. As kids, A.A. Callister noted that many of these men have probably roleplayed cowboy movies, wear kids’ straw cowboy hats, and ride wooden horses.

As savvy dressing adults, they know the distinct advantage in wearing the boots.

It Has a Unique Shape

Modern versions tend to go for thin toes, but cowboy boots originally tend to have a taper at the tip. It gives your feet that dynamic shape while making it easy to slide in and out of the stirrups. Combine that with a pair of blue jeans, and you’ll get a fashion style that’s uniquely western.

It Adds to Your Height

Shorter men can use the height boost that a pair of boots can give. It can be anywhere between half an inch to two inches depending on the length of the heels. Taller men might decide on the lower heels, but still, it gives you that increase in height that makes you stand out in the crowd.

It Gives a Sense of Identity

Outside of the Southwest and Texas, you’re less likely to see guys wear a pair of boots. In parties and other social gatherings, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s even remotely inclined towards western fashion. It gives you a sense of identity where people remember you by.

A pair of cowboy boots is a unique thing, and so is the person wearing it. If you want to stand out without trying so hard, wear the boots, and you’ll get people’s attention.