Wheelchair-Bound Exercises to Build and Strengthen Your Muscles

man on a wheelchair

Exercise is important to the overall health and well-being of people in all life stages and from all walks of life. Cardio, stretching, sports, and resistance training each assist in the continual development and enhancement of coordination, muscle tone, and day-to-day energy levels.

Wheelchair users are no exception to this, and there are many benefits to gain from introducing workouts into their daily lives. Active Mobility Systems shares easy, seated exercises to relieve stress, improve posture, and elevate the mood of those with mobility issues.


Many people start their fitness journey with some muscle building exercises and light weights. These routines help to strengthen the core muscles as well as the arms, which take the brunt of wheelchair usage.

One great strength building workout is wheelchair push-ups. To complete the exercise, place your hands onto a sturdy armrest and lift your body upwards out of the seat of the wheelchair.


Keep those muscles limber and flexible with some yoga and Pilates. These routines help maintain strength and flexibility, but they are also known for their benefits to concentration and overall wellbeing. There are various calming varieties of seated yoga to try. You can do them alone, with friends, or even in a class.


The main goal of cardio is to get your blood pumping and raise your heart rate. This contributes positively to your cardiovascular health and overall fitness. You can find a range of cardio exercises, including dancing and wheelchair basketball.

Try doing team sports to combine keeping active, being social, and cardio workout all into one activity. Whichever version of the workout you choose, it is essential to make it fun and interesting to keep you motivated.

With little creativity, it is easy to incorporate several workouts into your lifestyle. Remember that being a wheelchair user shouldn’t hinder you from having fun while taking care of your body.