Turn Your Home into a House Fit for Royals on a Budget

House under construction

Decorating a home that looks like its fit for the royals doesn’t necessarily need a royal budget. People misconceive that you need to pay a lot for a luxurious-looking room. But in fact, you can make a room look expensive even with affordable items. These tips will show you how you can make your rooms look deluxe for less.

Establish Your Color Palette

Before anything else, you must decide what your color palette. Your decision for your furniture and decorations will follow. When choosing a color palette, you can choose from something as neutral as white to something as deep as royal blue. Buy sample paints and try it out first on your walls because they can look different in print.

Beautify Your Walls

Your walls are the skeleton of your rooms. Paint your walls anew. Furthermore, you don’t want it to look bare. Get Miskas Wood Products baseboard trims and chair rails, preferably, the best ones from Brampton to add to your wall. These wall components do heaps to add sophistication to your otherwise bare walls.


Minimalism is your friend when it comes to making it look deluxe. An expensive looking room or house would always look spacious. Every furniture in your house should serve a function. Put away anything that would make your house more cluttered.

Let the Curtains Flow

A curtain is more than just a means to cover your house. Short draperies look cheap, and well, lacking. Long curtains communicate the opposite. It gives your house an expensive look and also serves to make your ceilings look higher. So buy curtains that are long and in tune with your color palette. Remember that curtains are a design element in themselves.

Break the Monotony

Most of the time, people stick too much to their design patterns that it would look boring. This is the same concept as having an accent chair or pillow. So buy a piece of furniture or decoration that would break that monotony. Do not be afraid to explore.

Light it Up

Get low hanging light fixtures for high ceilings and vice versa. Furthermore, if you haven’t yet, install a dimmer to your lighting. Your room’s lighting has many functions. More than just for illumination, it can also set the mood of your room.

Beautify your Walls with a Painting

Nothing spells sophisticated like a painting that looks like it came from a gallery. Artwork is more than just a design. It tells a story. So pick something whose story you like or fits your personality.

The Thrift Store is a Treasure Trove

When it comes to being budget-friendly, a thrift store is your best friend. Not only is it cheap, but you can also actually find pieces that are initially cost so much higher than they are being sold. So make trips to the thrift store and dig in! Always remember that expensive-looking doesn’t mean expensive.

An expensive-looking room doesn’t need a big budget. So follow these tips, and you can get that dreamy looking house without going broke!