Tooth Chipping Can Cause Severe Damage

Woman having teeth fixed

Accidents can happen to anyone, and in many cases, they can result in dental damages. While some people may have no issues with chipped or broken teeth, dental clinics like Colorado Healthy Smiles explains that these damages can lead to more severe oral health concerns.

It’s important to know that there are different classifications for tooth chipping. This way, you can set realistic expectations when seeking the services of a Lafayette cosmetic dentist. Keep in mind that your treatment option will depend on the severity of the problem and the tooth structure that sustained the damage.

Chips affecting just the tooth enamel

The chipping pertain to damages that only went so far as the enamel – the thin exterior covering of the tooth.

Although this may seem just a minor cosmetic issue, it isn’t always the case. Such traumatic injuries may result in energy transfer into the nerves and blood vessels in the affected tooth, which may then cause infections, pulpitis, or necrosis.

Experienced and licensed cosmetic dentists usually restore a Class I chipped tooth with the use of composite resin.

Enamel and dentin trauma

Falling under Class II chipping are fractures to the tooth enamel and dentin. These pose a greater health risk, as the damage leads to pulp exposure. The pulp, which consists of nerves and blood vessels, is temperature-sensitive, especially to cold and sweet food and beverages. Also, the exposure increases a person’s risk to infections.

Aside from bonding, cosmetic dentists also use porcelain veneers, crowns, and inlays for treating Class II chips.

The worst tooth chipping

Called Class III chips, these are the worst kind of tooth chipping. They don’t just affect the enamel and dentin; they also harm the nerves and blood vessels. The fracture allows the bacteria to enter the hollow interior of the tooth, where they can wreak havoc and cause infections.

Treatments usually start with a root canal before the preferred dental restoration, usually a dental crown.

When you suffer from any of these injuries, make sure you seek professional dental help immediately, as they will only worsen over time.