The Heat Is On: Gas Fireplaces and Their Many Advantages

a woman sitting beside a fireplace while having coffee

Fireplaces are staples of the holidays. Families gathered around the hearth not only feel the warmth of the flame but also the warmth of each other as they bond and create precious memories. But not all fireplaces are the same.

Modern fireplaces can be separated by design, finish, and most importantly, fuel source. Electric fireplaces may be the standard in most homes nowadays, but gas fireplaces should also have a place in your mantle.

Utah’s Comfort Solutions notes that gas fireplace installation services can ensure your fireplace is installed properly and safely. But if you still have your doubts, then here are some perks of having a gas fireplace.

The Cheaper Heater

Gas fireplaces set themselves apart by being more cost-effective. Gas fireplaces can save up to 25% off your heating bill. Going for a gas fireplace can help you offset your reliance on inefficient heating costs, saving you money on your monthly bill.

Furthermore, ventless inserts have a higher heating efficiency rating because no heat escapes up the chimney. Beyond saving you money, gas fireplaces even add to your home’s resale value because gas fireplaces can still heat your home when the power goes out or when you choose to live off the grid.

Effortless Heating

Gas fireplaces also have the edge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. With the flip of a switch, you can have your flame heating in a hot flash and can be extinguished as easily as it’s started. Gas fireplaces produce a steadier flame which is easily controlled.

This is perfect for the novice fire starters, especially when safety is concerned. Gas fireplaces are also easier to clean compared with wood-burning fireplaces because gas fireplaces do not produce residue or ash. This will not only lessen the clean-up but also the harmful smoke that enters your home.

Gas fireplaces offer warmth at a fraction of the cost and at the touch of your fingertips. And with all these pros, it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing to heat their home the gas way.