Strong And Stable Dental Implants In Warrendale

Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants the most fitting description would be strong and stable. Dental implants are designed to strengthen the jawbone and provide stability to the replaced tooth or teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, they are fixed so no one need not worry about any embarrassing ‘slips’. Not only does it restore people’s natural smile with strong and stable dental implants, this latest tooth replacement technology also restores healthy facial features.

Other Benefits

This dental treatment is a permanent feature available at dentists in Warrendale such as Warrendale Dental. Most other tooth replacement options often need changing after several years, whereas dental implants in Warrendale can last a lifetime when carefully looked after, alongside scheduled dental check-ups. Dental implants are not just restricted to one tooth either. When an individual is missing a whole set of teeth it can make the face can appear sunken. When someone needs the whole arch replaced, dental implants in Warrendale will ensure they maintain the natural shape of their face and smile. Missing teeth can also lead into other dental issues. Nearby teeth may start to shift. The jawbone weakens. Dental implants can solve these problems before they occur.

Dental implants are secured firmly in the jawbone. Made of titanium, a small screw-shaped post is inserted into the jawbone during minor surgery. These are then left to heal. As time goes by the jawbone fuses together with the post, holding it in place like the root of a natural tooth, as well as strengthening your jawbone. The amount of time this can take varies and patients will be advised this at the consultation with your dentist.

Dental implant crowns are made to function and look exactly like normal teeth. It is not necessary, or possible, to remove them when brushing, flossing and performing dental care. Nor is it necessary to feel uncomfortable when eating, laughing or even coughing. There is no danger of them shifting, or worse still, falling out.

Whether just one tooth needs replacing, or a whole new set, dental implants in Warrendale maybe just the answer for people who seek a long-term, strong and stable solution.