Southern Luzon: The New Metro of Real Estate

Man and woman looking for place to live in Southern Luzon

The Philippines’ heavily centralized government prompted Manila to be not only the country’s political center but also the heart of culture and business. Several central business districts, most notably in Makati and Taguig, emerged from this melting pot and created countless job opportunities. Together with its vibrant entertainment venues, it was naturally going to attract people from the provinces.

Over the years, however, the development boom has taken a toll on the National Capital Region; its popularity as a happy haven for raising a family dipped. Filipinos are now setting their sights on a less congested and stressful area: Southern Luzon.

City Living in Manila

Manila, while an economic hub, has its share of difficulties. For instance, a study commissioned by Uber revealed that it has the third worst traffic in Asia, with city dwellers spending about 66 minutes a day stuck in a gridlock. Experts say that the situation will only worsen in the coming years.

Moreover, a separate study ranked Manila as the tenth most stressful city in the world, based on several factors like pollution, public transportation, green spaces, and the financial status of its citizens. On top of all these, the capital is also one of the most populated regions in the world.

Southern Luzon, in contrast, is full of untapped potential. Land Estimate, a real estate price comparison site, stated that the provinces south of the capital offer spacious residential lots that are a good investment.

Southern Luzon is the New Metro

Calabarzon, the collective name for Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon, is the new lucrative market for real estate. The region is less polluted and congested than Manila. It’s not far from the perks of the Metro, too.

The area also has its fair share of economic and entertainment options. In fact, businesses heavily invest there, as evidenced by the First Philippine Industrial Park in Batangas and the Laguna Techno Park. Calabarzon also boasts some of the best tourist destinations in the country. Living there would mean that the Taal Lake, Los Baños hot springs, and Batangas beaches are within a few hours’ reach.

Living in the capital has its advantages, but for some, the south is a more viable option for raising a family. After all, big city living is not for everyone, and the peace and growing prosperity of Southern Luzon is a welcome respite.