Rhinoplasty: More Than Cosmetic Surgery

Before and after rhinoplasty

For many people, a rhinoplasty or a nose job is a common cosmetic surgery procedure. However, the procedure’s goal is not only for aesthetics. For some, rhinoplasty or a facelift surgery in Beverly Hills is about improving your quality of life, health, and confidence.

The goals of rhinoplasty

Improving breathing function is one of the primary reasons for performing nose surgery. According to Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills, the surgeon makes strategic cuts to cartilage and soft tissue to achieve the desired results. To change the nasal structures to breathe better is a functional goal, but rhinoplasty could also change a person’s appearance.

Sometimes, patients ask for this procedure to reconstruct broken noses after an injury or a botched nose job. This kind of rhinoplasty is often done to correct broken noses and improve breathing.

The nose as focal point

Most nose jobs involve the reduction, reshaping, and re-positioning of the nose. Most of the outcomes are satisfactory and rewarding. A successful surgery will enhance the appearance of the bridge, the nostrils, and the nose tip.

Can you afford it?

In 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons provided an estimate for the average cost of a rhinoplasty. The baseline cost is $5,046. This includes operating room facilities, tests, anesthetics, medications, and associated expenses.

Many surgeons in many countries could offer it for less, but it is best to spend money on a reputable surgeon. This lessens the risks you have to take and also increases the chance of having a successful nose job.

A simple nose job can help lessen snoring, enhance your breathing, and improve your confidence. Call a proficient plastic surgeon to ask if you need a rhinoplasty. Are you ready to invest on a life-changing surgery?