Relocate to Heritage Lake: A Hidden Gem in Northwest Putnam County

lakeIf your heart is finally set on relocating, but you haven’t made up your mind on where to move, look no further than Heritage Lake.

Heritage Lake is an undiscovered gem sitting 22 miles west of Indianapolis. It may be in the countryside, but it is merely 20 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis and other small towns. While the area is most popular for its beautiful lake that offers a great venue for swimming, fishing, and boating, it has a lot to offer residents.

Here are factors that make Heritage Lake the ideal place to live in:

A Home for Every Taste and Budget

Checking Heritage Lake homes for something that might appeal to you is enjoyable, as there are more than a thousand interesting properties to select. The area is dotted with small, cozy cabins as well as big, luxury homes, so there’s something for every preference and need.

You may choose to live in one of Heritage Lake’s six subdivisions. As a resident of any of these subdivisions, you get exclusive permission to fish in the development’s ponds and lakes. A lake committee maintains the fish population, regularly stocking different species including largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and walleye.

Residents entertain themselves through various events at the club houses and through participating in sports activities such as basketball games. Water enthusiasts will be glad to know that there are three sandy beaches in the area, as well as a marina and a swimming pool.

Lake access properties typically start at $90,000 and have an average sale price of $123,000. Lakefront properties, meanwhile, are from $140,000 to more than $1 million, with an average price of $196,000.

The Best of Both Worlds

It offers the best of both worlds for those who yearn for the rolling hills and greens and a relaxing life in the country while still enjoying the modern perks of living in the city.

The water level stays the same the entire year, just as the scenery remains pristine. In the lovely, quiet environment, animals such as deer, birds, geese, and ducks peacefully coexist with humans. Its lands are abundant with beautiful flora, and pristine forests of maple, oak, beech, elm, mulberry, and white and yellow poplar tent the territory. The area’s residents wake up to breathtaking views of nature despite enjoying modern technology such as high-speed internet.

Activities for the Entire Family

Those who own homes in Heritage Lake never run out of fun activities to join. The area has an active Property Owners Association that puts together a roster of events for both kids and adults. Residents enjoy 4th of July fireworks, Easter egg hunts, Christmas parties, and an annual Feast and Ski every August. There are also parties and lakeside concerts, wine tasting, and more.

Many great spots for shopping and dining are quite near.

With its beautiful sceneries and the wide array of activities to enjoy, Heritage Lake is ideal for those looking for a short retreat from the hustle of the metro. Families from Indianapolis and other nearby places seek the ideal summer spot also flock to this area.

Purchasing a home in the area, meanwhile, means enjoying ski rides, fishing or sailing trips, and sunset cruises on a daily basis. By contacting reputable realtors such as Vincent Aguirre, you can find the lakeside property that works best for you and your family.