Positive Positions

Woman having teeth fixed

Optimising the alignment of the teeth can have a dramatic and positive effect on a person’s overall dental health. Straighter teeth function more efficiently, putting less strain on the jaw when biting or chewing. They are also easier to clean, which reduces the risk of gum disease. And of course, neater teeth make for a more attractive smile. The name of the method that can introduce all these benefits will be familiar to many patients of dentists who provide braces in Essex, like Simply Teeth.

Who chooses braces in essex?

Many adults are using braces to improve their dental wellbeing. Modern realignment appliances can be discreet and comfortable, while treatment times can be surprisingly short.

The appliances that a dentist can offer might be tooth-coloured, clear, or nearly invisible. Optimised to the patient’s needs after a detailed initial consultation, these braces are less noticeable, and more comfortable, than the old-school metal wire-and-bracket systems that deter many people from seeking treatment.

With a method like Invisalign, the patient wears a clear plastic aligner that can be removed during mealtimes. This low-interference feature is a big plus for professionals who want to reposition their teeth, but are nervous about attracting unwanted attention to their course of treatment.

Speed and Security

It always takes a while to improve dental positioning, but these days it can be over sooner than it would have been in the past. Meticulous treatment plans, based on comprehensive dental data specific to each patient, mean that realignment can happen more efficiently as well as more comfortably. The teeth could be repositioned within six months to a year, depending on the patient’s dental situation. Afterwards, a retainer, which the patient wears at night, will help the teeth to settle into their new orientations.

New Outlook

When deciding on braces in Essex, the range of options can seem daunting. Dentists work closely with patients before and during their treatment, to make sure that the right method is selected, and that it works to its full potential while treatment is ongoing. When it’s all over, the patient is left with a nicer smile and enhanced oral health.