Modernized High: The Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoke Weed

Woman smoking vape

Smoking pot has some kind of sentimental effect since you and your best friend first bonded with it. Nevertheless, it is high time that the both of you amp up your bonding moments with a vaporiser starter kit. You might not realise it, but you will get addicted once you start. As you know, there are many benefits to vaporising instead of smoking cigarettes. Even though weed is not as dangerous, there are reasons for you to switch to vaporising instead.

Your Long Term Health Will Thank You

Though most marijuana advocates claim that studies have not yet proven smoking pot to cause cancer, smoking in itself is not good for your health. You see, the process of igniting marijuana still generates plenty of recognised tar and carcinogens that can aggravate the lungs and cause chronic bronchitis.

Fortunately, manufacturers developed vaporisers to solve this problem. By heating the bud at a much lower temperature instead of igniting it, the devices generate an inhaled vapour. No need to worry as this still includes marijuana’s active medical ingredients without the dangerous by-products.

Experts reveal that vaporising cannabis gets rid of around 95% of the smoke that you inhale. Besides, studies suggest that vaporising heightens the production of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that guard your lungs against irritation.

You Will Taste the Flavour Notes More

Although there are individuals who say that taste of vaporised weed resembles burnt popcorn, you can taste more of its flavour notes with a vape. This is possible if you do not burn the bud to a carcinogen crisp since it will taste yummier, cleaner, and clearer.

For those living in a state where cannabis is abundant and legal, you should definitely convince your best friend to make that switch. Not only will they thank you, but their health will, too.