Is Everything Ready for Your Wedding?

Happily married couple and the guests enjoying the wedding day

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or you have a planner to take care of things for you, you will need to keep a checklist of the important details for your special day. Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect, and sometimes you need to double-check that all the reservations and rentals are in order. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with unexpected catastrophes on your wedding day.

A few weeks before the wedding, check on the following:

Table Arrangements

You should have been done with the seating chart, but are there enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone? Make sure you have the final head count and that you’ve contacted your wedding rental company in Minneapolis about the number of tables and chairs needed for the wedding. It’s also important to make sure that the venue can accommodate all the furnishings for your reception.


You need the seating chart to make sure everyone knows their place at reception, but that would be pointless if you don’t have enough food to serve. As soon as you get the guest list finalized, contact the catering company to check if there’s enough food for everyone. Make sure you update the caterers of any changes on the guest list long before the day itself. If possible, order extra food for any unexpected guests that show up. They should also be informed of any diet restrictions and allergies so they can make the necessary adjustments.

Special Arrangements

Be aware of any guests with special needs and make the necessary accommodations so everyone can have fun on your wedding day. Make sure you can access emergency medical services at your reception.

The wedding is all about you, but part of enjoying your big day is to know that everyone is having fun. Make sure your wedding is something everyone will have fond memories of by planning accordingly.