For Homeowners: Maintenance Basics for Solar Heating Installations

Luxury house with installed solar panel roofingA thermal system running on renewable power could serve your family for decades. The most robust models yet are guaranteed to work for three decades at the least, with reasonable warranty coverage. You can also be confident in the fact that replacement parts are readily available. Nevertheless, you must know how to maintain these installations properly.

Maintenance for efficiency

With good maintenance, any solar thermal system will work optimally for 20 years (or more) if it remains free from scaling and corrosion. Tim Miller Plumbing noted that residential solar heating installations are at the risk for scaling due to the high mineral content of domestic water. A buildup of calcium deposits makes the system less efficient. Other problems may arise, such as failure of the pumps and valves. Properly installed heating systems will only produce hot water adequately if they are working at 100% efficiency.

Lowering the risk of corrosion

Scaling is only half of the problem, as corrosion also affects performance. If there is rust in the steel or iron components of the installation, it will not function properly. Your family members may not have hot water on a cold day. If oxygen enters the system, the risk for corrosion increases. Regular maintenance lowers this risk.

What it takes to maintain the system

Professional inspectors have a checklist of tasks that includes seeing to the system of tubes, solar frames and collectors, mounting connectors, valves, and insulation. Maintenance also includes removal of sediment in the water tank through flushing. Additional servicing may be necessary on the temperature sensors and pump motors. Do not wait for the system to show signs of age or dysfunction. If it’s not producing enough hot water, then you must consider that something is awry.

A heating installation will function at full capacity when all the parts are working properly and harmoniously. If you want to avoid bigger problems, then perhaps today is the best time to set an appointment with an expert crew.