Christmas Decorations: Lighting Ideas for a Vibrant Outdoor

zoomed photo of a pink Christmas lights wrapped around a Christmas tree

You can add fun and flair to your outdoors every Christmas season with unique and creative light decorations. Whatever your home’s overall style is, get appropriate commercial Christmas lights to match it, and work with a professional decorator for superb results. Below are some interesting ways to incorporate different lights when doing exterior decorations for the holidays:

Chicken Wire Balls

Wrap Christmas lights around balls of chicken wire, and then place them in various areas across your lawn. These will create a whimsical scene in your yard. You’ll just need mini LED light strings and chicken wire to put these together.

Twinkling Yard Trees

If you have trees in your yard, string them with twinkling lights. You can also use illuminated outdoor ornaments for a profound visual effect. Just take good care of the trees& to ensure they remain healthy, and none of your activities harms them.

Topiary Animals

Purchase topiary animals in different heights and nestle them near bushes or place them next to the trees. Arrange them to mimic Santa’s reindeer team pulling his sled to give your yard a warm feel. To add visual interest, combine them with other lighted yard decorations like polar bears, glitter doves, or a snowman.

Lighted Presents

Your Christmas presents shouldn’t be confined to the house. Get some outdoor-themed gifts that can be lighted and place them strategically around your garden.

Holiday Pathway

Treat your guests as they walk up to your door with snowflake pathway markers, Santa hat lights, Christmas lanterns, or strands of light tied to shrubs and smaller trees along your walkway.

Finish off the Christmas look by putting lights on the handrails on your stairs and the front deck. Don’t forget to cover the roof with decorative accessories too. This will light up not only your yard but your neighbor’s too. This way, you’ll end up with a vibrant and extravagant outdoor Christmas look.