Best Places to Visit in Bangkok

a woman roaming around a street in Bangkok

Are you visiting Thailand? There are lots of places to visit in Bangkok. The capital city is full of spectacular palaces and temples, historical sites, museums and places to shop. It has something that will appeal to everyone. Expert travellers list places you might want to check:

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was home to the Thai kings for a century and a half. In addition to being a royal court, it has also been a state department building and the mint. It has stunning architecture and decorated hallways. There is also a temple that is adorned with murals of the Thai interpretation of the Ramayana.

National Museum

The National Museum is a great place to visit for history and art lovers. It contains the biggest collection of Thai art in the country, contained within an old palace. It also houses artefacts such as textiles and ceramics. There are English descriptions for the benefit of English speaking tourists.

Floating Markets

Like to shop? Floating markets are one attraction that shouldn’t be missed! Located an hour outside& of Bangkok, they provide a perfect photo opportunity. Goods of a wide variety are sold from boats, including fruit and traditional Thai food, handmade toys and clothing. Floating markets are an ancient tradition among communities that can only be accessed by water.


Another option for shopping lovers is Bangkok’s China Town. It is a maze of market stalls for people to explore. To catch a glimpse of a ten foot tall solid gold Buddha statue, be sure to visit Wat Traimit in China Town.

Dinner Cruises

Like sightseeing and fine dining? Now the two can be combined with a dinner cruise. Tourists can see the city at night from the water while they enjoy luxury food and wine.

Bangkok attractions can be viewed and booked online so travellers can visit all the best places for an unforgettable holiday.