An Overview of the Three Main Kinds of Epilators

a beautician giving a laser epilation treatment

The removal of unwanted body hair is a cornerstone of personal grooming. There are many techniques used in professional hair removal. Epilating, a method of removing hair by its roots, is popular nowadays.

Epilation is temporary, but it is effective like other hair removal techniques in Tauranga spas. Though it has been around since the 80s, there have been various advancements in the devices used. Here are the three primary types of epilators used nowadays.

Spring Epilators

This is the oldest type of epilator. It consists of a curved coil spring, which is continuously rotated using an electric motor. As it turns, the spring epilator traps hair on the closed side of the spring then pulls it out when the coil is opened. Though it had a high risk of pinching you in the past, this has been resolved by including handles on both ends of the spring.

Disc Epilators

Rather than coiled springs, these epilators have rotating discs. The disc continuously rotates when switched on, traps unwanted hair, and then pulls it out. Disc epilators have a protective plastic casing that protects them from getting blunt due to an accumulation of dust on their surface. Hence, they are more comfortable compared to spring epilators.

Tweezer Epilators

This is the most advanced and latest epilator available. A tweezer epilator has moving plates in its head. When these plates rotate, their tips alternate between opening and squeezing, trapping your hair and pulling it out. It leaves behind the least stubble among all epilator types.

Frequent epilation thins out your hair, so your treatments might be farther apart over time. Your hair follicles might also become permanently damaged, causing slow hair growth or none at all. Regardless of your therapist’s epilator choice, this hair removal method has good results.