Ace Your Wedding Reception with the Perfect Venue

A couple celebrating after a wedding

You now want to take your relationship to the next level, and you want families and friends to be present as you make your spousal vows. Such an electrifying moment should not be taken cheaply; proper arrangements should be made.

Apart from the clothing, flower decorations and transportation, the reception venue is also a vital aspect of your wedding preparations. After the religious service at the church or the mosque, you want to entertain your guests at a favourable venue. Choosing wedding reception venues in Tunbridge Wells should not be a tough endeavour. Here are the critical things you have to consider before you make a decision:


Your wedding convoy may have over 20 vehicles. Parking space is important since your guests want to drive in and have fun without worrying about the security of their cars. It is advisable to choose a venue that offers free parking space. The free parking lot could also be an extension of the party venue in case some guests want to dance in the open and take pictures.


The venue lighting affects the atmosphere and consequently the mood of the occasion. As you choose your venue, you have to consider one that offers lighting that will set a good mood to help guests relax and have fun. High costs should not blind you in making lighting choices. When done appropriately, even the simplest lighting schemes could impress your guests more than expensive ones.


Gauging how much wine people can imbibe at your wedding is difficult. Your wedding venue ought to be accommodative and listening as you make your wine orders and arrangements. Make sure to taste the wines before making a full order. Additionally, a good venue should accept unopened leftover wine bottles after the party to save you unnecessary costs.

Choose a venue that can offer these services at reasonable prices. These three critical elements could make or break your otherwise colourful and memorable wedding.