4 Gift Ideas for Your Traveller Friends

With access to all four corners of the world becoming easier and cheaper, plenty of people have developed the travel bug. 

Travelling is a great way to enrich your knowledge of the different cultures around the world. It opens your mind to the different experiences in life and broadens your opinions, empathy and understanding. Although a trip to the unknown may not be for everyone, you’ll usually know someone who’s passionate about exploring new places.

When it comes to buying gifts for your mobile companion, the immediate thought maybe about luggage, maps and travel guides. Maybe you’re thinking bigger, like a flight to Europe or a ticket to a major attraction in Singapore.

 Here are five more gift ideas for your traveller friend.

The Obligatory Selfie Stick

You probably saw this coming. Every traveller must have a selfie stick or a tripod so they can be in the pictures they take. Many people use this for their vlogs, blogs and any other social media where they document their adventures.

Waterproof and Wireless Speakers

For the traveller who cannot live without music, the days of lugging around a music system are thankfully long gone. A waterproof, wireless speaker will let them enjoy their music whether they’re chilling on a beach, stuck on a bus or climbing up a mountain.

Single-Serve Espresso Maker

Imagine waking up to a cold morning with a mountain view, then realizing there’s no coffee. And if there were any, it would probably be instant or watered down. A travel espresso maker is small but makes a great cup of coffee anywhere you can find water to boil.

Universal Plug and USB Adapter

No matter how far out in the wilderness they may be, your traveller friend will always need a way to charge some kind of electronic device. A universal plug with a USB adapter will make it easier for them to charge gadgets at any voltage.

Since travellers are always on the move, they want things that are portable and easy to use. Surely, there are other things they may need for their travels. So look for something that’s memorable.