3 Style Must-Haves on Your Beach Getaway

Dressing up for the beach can be a meticulous decision, much like dressing right for winter or dressing down during springtime. Indeed, beach time can also be a time to flaunt your style with the right choice of swimwear and accessories.

Before driving to the beach and lying on the sand on a lazy afternoon, here are three style must-haves for when you stay at the beach.

Playful Swimwear

Summertime is the main season that lets you frolic in the beach with some of the prettiest and boldest beachwear available. More than a good swimming companion, a great-fitting swimwear is basically your canvas for your daily outfit of the day.

You need to know the best style and fit that goes with your frame, so choose one that best accentuates your body in a flattering way. Even if you’re planning to buy your designer swimwear online from shops like Revel Rey, the trick is to know your size beforehand to get the perfect fit.

Complementary Cover-Ups

The best way to build on your outfit is to add cover-ups for when you’re simply strolling around on the beach. Cover-ups are also a great source of protection from too much damaging sun, especially during the peak sun times.

Go for cover-ups made of cotton for a breezy feel or those that are thinner and more lightweight. Stick to bright colors or get it at the same time you buy your swimwear for matching hues.

Chic Bags

Bags should never be a last-minute throw-over accessory. After all, OOTDs also require a matching bag as it can serve as your main accessory. It pays to invest in a stylish beach bag. Go for bright and bold patterns, especially if your swimwear or cover-ups are of the solid-colored variety to add texture to your entire ensemble.

Looking good at the beach doesn’t need too many frills or add-ons. Getting the basics right will already give you a good headstart to dressing fabulously at the beach.