3 Cool Display Options For Your Collection

Shoe collection

Whether you collect toys, sports memorabilia, or vintage items, you want to keep your collections organised. This is why you should check out available choices for displaying your favourite items. With a little creativity, you will be able to find out which display ideas will be best for your collection.

Collecting is a great hobby that the young and old enjoy getting into. Some people love collecting action figures, books, dolls, paintings, sports memorabilia, vintage items and wine bottles, among many others.

Whatever your collection may be, you want to make sure that your items are displayed in such a way that reduces, if not eliminates, clutter. Whether you are planning to display your collections at home or in your place of business, you might want to consider the following ideas:

Make a gallery wall

Collections, such as artworks and clocks, it is ideal to have a gallery wall. This way, you can keep your items in one place and not have them scattered in different areas of the house, store, office or facility. Visitors will likely appreciate and admire your collection if all the pieces are displayed properly.

Invest in floating shelves

Floating shelves can be perfect if you have limited space at home. You would not need to get big cabinets that will only add to your other existing furniture. Wall mounted displays are extremely attractive as well.

Use cabinets and cloches

Of course, you can still use cabinets if that’s what you prefer – or if that’s what actually fits your collection. Toys, for example, look amazing in glass display cabinets since the pieces can be viewed from different angles. Meanwhile, wooden cabinets are better for books.

Other than that, you may want to check out cloches for certain items, such as autographed baseballs and many others. They will look classy when displayed this way.

For more ideas, you can ask fellow collectors or check out reliable online resources. When it comes to displaying your collection, being resourceful and creative can go a long way. Remember that your main goal is to end up with a display option that you are most comfortable with and truly highlights your prized possessions.