The Expert Property Damage Assessors Every Insurer Needs

Burning house

Since a home is one, if not the biggest investment one can ever make, it makes complete sense to insure it from such a disaster. For this reason, most consumers in the United States have their properties covered for such catastrophes.

Since fires can happen to anyone, anytime, insurance companies need to have their own fire claims adjuster team, which will help them reduce headaches along the way, while also ensuring their policyholders receive a fair amount of settlement. Insurers have to understand just how big of an impact adjusters have when it comes to making settlement processes easier.

Millions of fire claims that require settlement as soon as possible

Every year, more than 1.3 million fires take place in the United States. In 2015 alone, the number of reported fires alone totaled to 1,345,000. These resulted in $14.3 billion worth of property damage, and sadly, claimed more than 3,000 lives.

Homeowners need to receive their settlement as quickly as possible, especially if the fire destroyed their dwelling. Because many victims have to live someplace else temporarily, insurance firms have to issue them a check for their temporary living expenses. With the help of a highly experienced professional adjuster, insurers will have an easier time calculating the amount to write on the check for this portion of the coverage.

Ensuring policyholders receive a fair settlement

Adjusters also serve as a sort of investigative team for the client, which in most cases, are insurance companies. They make certain the claims policyholders make are honest and accurate. One of their key responsibilities is to check the damaged property and the extent of the destruction. For this reason, they can serve as an invaluable tool for insurers to ensure that they issue a check with an amount appropriate to the losses.