How Important are Truck Bodies in Enhancing Road Safety?

Trucks at a parking lot

Truck body manufacturers in Australia are important for freight shippers since many of them produce heavy-duty vehicle parts for a variety of purposes.

By 2026, cargo shipments nationwide are expected to increase by 26%, according to the National Transport Commission. This means that more trucks would be present on Australia’s roads and highways, which serve as another reason to invest more in efficient truck bodies to ensure employee safety and protect the quality of shipments.

Industry requests

While road safety is important, some experts said efforts should revolve around six key areas. These comprise standardised rules, an operator licensing system, public-private partnerships, government incentives, mandatory telematics and active policy development.

Funding will be necessary to achieve these key points. It will not only improve safety but also support the tourism sector by expanding routes to more travel destinations by land. An example involves the $3.5 billion Roads of Strategic Importance (RoSI) programme for developing freight corridors in regional Australia. The government plans to invest this amount over the next 10 years.

Infrastructure investments

As much as $1.9 billion from the RoSI project will be spent on road and highway infrastructure in Northern Australia and Tasmania. The funding would also tackle improved access for oversize/overmass (OSOM) vehicles on state and local highways.

OSOM operators have found it difficult to secure permits, which led to shipment delays. The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) suggested that RoSI should include contingency measures that streamline the approval process for OSOM vehicles. ATA Chairman Geoff Crouch said that OSOM operators have to wait for “4.5 million days per year” to secure permits on freight shipments.

Road safety encompasses different key areas from using high-quality truck bodies to public funding. While truck bodies are not the be-all and end-all for road safety, it complements government initiatives on improving road safety.