Celebrity Personal Injury Cases You May Not Have Heard About

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Personal injury claims can arise from a wide variety of scenarios in which a person or a group inadvertently causes harm to another. The damages to be paid are determined by civil court proceedings or informal settlement.

This monetary penalty required by law is meant not only to compensate for the injuries sustained by the victims but also to encourage everyone to be more careful and cautious. A personal injury attorney here in Kent can advise you of your rights and guide you through the process of civil proceedings or informal settlement.

Here a couple of interesting cases when celebrities got entangled in a personal injury claim.

Dr. Phil’s dog

Janet Harris and Dr. Phil used to be friends until the former was mauled by the TV personality’s dog in 2011. Harris claimed that the dog bite would have been fatal had she not been treated with antibiotics within 72 hours. She also claimed that the medication had a debilitating side effect, hearing loss, forcing her to abandon her business.

What’s worse, reports claim that Dr. Phil’s wife Robin volunteered to take Harris to the hospital, but the celebrity doctor dissuaded his spouse from doing so because the trip to the emergency room might cause unwanted press.

Gloria Estefan’s spinal injury

Heartfelt and distinct, Estefan’s brand of music garnered this Cuban artist international fame. Very few remember though that way back in 1990, the singer sustained serious spinal injury as a result of a vehicular collision.

On the road promoting her album, Cut Both Ways, a semi-truck crashed into her tour bus, leaving the rising star with a fractured spine. It was a traumatic experience for the singer who was forced to take a break from performing and touring for an entire year.

After the accident, two titanium rods were implanted onto her spine at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

Accidents do happen, but victims should be able to claim for personal injury particularly if the negligence results in emotional distress, permanent injury and loss of income.