5 Good Reasons to Consider Recycled Wood Fibre Bedding

man installing wood fiber

More and more animal keepers are switching from agricultural residue to recycled wood fibre animal bedding. They like the idea of keeping the waste wood from landfills. They also love the following other benefits that come with recycled wood fibre animal bedding:

1. The material is suitable for all animals

The wood fibre beddings are now available for all livestock. They are regularly used for cattle, horses, commercial and domestic poultry, and various pets. Even pigeons and canaries love these beddings.

2. Products can be designed for specific animals

Recycled wood fibre animal bedding products are designed for a specific end market. The recyclers put the wood through stringent cleaning and production processes to create animal-specific bedding. Some products such as bedding for poultry are also treated with antibacterial additives for extra benefits.

3. Easily available products.

Over 60 percent of UK’s wood waste is recycled. Wood waste collection and recycling companies such as LKM Recycling are strewn all over the country. Accordingly, you can easily find recycled wood fibre beddings or any other recycled wood products you need.

4. Cost effective option

Recycled wood bedding remains cost competitive with straw, hay and other bedding products. The wood products don’t have the bulk of agricultural residue, offer consistent footing, and has minimal wastage. Accordingly, the demand for material from recovered wood is likely to stay high if the traditional substitutes remain more costly.

5. Highly absorbent and long-lasting material.

Recycled wood fibre bedding products are much more absorptive than other substitute materials. Animal urine then soaks quickly into tinier spots. The bedding dries out on top thus keeping dampness away from animals. The material is also less susceptible to mould.

The quality of animal bedding impacts on the well-being of both the animal and its keeper. Animal bedding produced from the wood fibre is now a hit with farmers and pet keepers. The material has proven to be excellent bedding, offering comfort, ample absorbency and safety. It’s also a cost-effective and readily available bedding option.