What You Should Do for a Winter-Ready Closet This Year

Family enjoying skiing

The fall season may have just begun in certain parts of the US, but it already marks the time that you should reorganize your closet in preparation for the coming winter.

Some of the signs that you need to get rid of clutter include out-of-season items in your cabinets, drawers, and racks. If you still have summer clothes in there, that’s usually a good enough reason to make some changes.

Subtle Signs

Other subtle clues that signal a need for organizing your closet include having a new job with a more casual work attire or a change in body weight. Those with smaller closets should put season-appropriate clothes within reach, so finding the clothes you need for work or leisure doesn’t take too much time.

Some retailers also offer early discounts for winter clothes, such as a Bogner ski jacket on sale, in the months leading to the holiday season. It’s particularly more difficult to get up in the morning during the winter months, hence make sure that opening your closet to find clothes won’t be burdensome.

Closet Therapy

One could link a persistent bad mood to their closet’s condition, based on a UCLA study. The research suggested that people with cluttered spaces tend to feel more stressed out. It makes sense since most people feel good after being able to clean up a messy room.

If you need more motivation, reselling your items or donating them to charity seem like better options. Either way, you’d feel good about gaining something from giving away used clothes.

The winter season may still be several weeks away, but it’s not too early to reorganize your closet and put away the clothes that you’re not going to use until next year. When do you plan to prepare your closet for the colder months?