What Makes It Hard to Recover from a Fire

a house damaged by fire

They say dealing with a fire is worse than having a burglar take your most precious belongings. And that might as well be right. After all, a burglar cannot take your whole house even if they tried. A fire, however, could damage everything and drive you out of the property–or whatever remains of it.

If your house has caught on fire, you’ll have to deal with these kinds of damage:

Fire Damage

This one’s straightforward: it’s the result of the fire. It’s your walls collapsing due to the flames, and your cushions being ruined from the heat. It’s everything you would expect from a fire in Ogden, and only those adept in fire damage restoration like certified-disaster.com can handle the problems associated with it. If you want your house to be habitable again, contact a restoration expert as soon as possible.

Smoke Damage

What many don’t realize is that even if the fire does not completely damage your house, smoke may also make it difficult to live in it. Just as fire itself is not always the cause of death, because people may also die from suffocation, your belongings could also be rendered unusable because of smoke damage. Anything you salvage from a house fire might need to be sealed in boxes because of the smoke damage.

Water Damage

Even fire that was concentrated in one area of the house may have severe consequences. Because water is what is commonly used to extinguish the fire, expect that everything in the area will be soaked. In the case of couches and mattresses, the damage could be so severe that you will need to replace them. The entire room could also be damaged, and you’ll need water damage restoration just like you do when dealing with storm-brought flooding.

Fire brings with it several problems that make the house uninhabitable. Know how to find solutions for them so you can get back on your feet in no time.