Three Helpful Applications of Laser Technology

laser cutting

Laser technology has come as a relief to many industries, such as the health, manufacturing and industrial fields. Many predict the benefits of lasers in many other areas, but for now, the technology is making extensive changes and milestones in the following ways.

1. Engraving and cutting with high precision

The manufacturing industry’s use of CO2 laser cutters has expanded it to cut and engrave serial numbers, name tags, barcode etching, brand codes, and data matrix coding. The laser engraving industry has used these machines to produce high-quality marks that any computer scanner can identify with precision.

2. Removing arterial plaques

Arterial plaques are hard fatty substances that form on the walls of arteries. When these substances clog your arteries, blood flow is interrupted. This could lead to heart attacks or strokes which could be fatal in the long run.

The invention of a fast and cost-effective laser treatment method has made it safer. Doctors now use a laser to focus a beam of light on the clogged areas. The laser burns away the plaque, and the blood vessel is cleared to function normally.

3. Dental treatment and surgery

The treatment of tooth decay, gum diseases, and discolored teeth are now less risky because of the use of lasers. Lasers can destroy dental caries and clean the tooth enamel. Using this technology, a dentist can now reshape a tooth and disinfect a patient’s mouth easily. Dentists also use the dominant energy from laser beams to activate the light-sensitive hydrogen peroxide bleaching chemical which in turn removes plaque and debris from your teeth leaving them sparkling white.

4. Treatment of tumors and cancer cells

A laser beam can quickly cut through the body tissue to the tumors and cancer cells underneath. The technology has replaced the lengthy and risky surgical procedures.

Scientists and researchers all over the world are still exploring ways of maximizing laser technology in every industry. Lasers are changing industries, businesses, and lives, and it is only a matter of time before this technology can change the world.