The Modern Wastewater Disposal Solution You Should Invest In

A wastewater septic tank

Much thanks to septic tanks, everything that goes down the drain of a house – all those waste – undergoes proper disposal. And proper disposal is key to keeping home sanitary and clean, seeing that these drains drain the waste from sinks, showers, laundry machines, and toilets. However, these systems still pose several major drawbacks, with the biggest being the threats that come with sewage backups.

It is primarily for this reason that alternative septic tank systems have quickly become more popular over the years. Here are just some of the features and characteristics you should know about these innovative wastewater disposal structures.

The functionalities

Like traditional septic tanks, these technologically-advanced alternatives also retain solid waste within a residential building’s wastewater treatment system. It also treats the sewage and septic effluents partially for better sanitation.

Keep in mind though, that with conventional septic tanks, the wastewater undergoes just a little less than half of the entire require treatment before it exits the system into the environment. With the alternative designs, treatment rate considerably increases, resulting in improved sanitation. This is because such modern disposal solutions deliver higher treatment levels through a variety of ways, such as oxygenation and disinfection.

Your greener option

Septic system alternative designs have the obvious advantage of offering much more environmentally-friendly disposal and treatment methods that the traditional septic tanks. Aside from having lower risks of the usual concerns of backups, some of these advanced systems also have the power to convert the wastewater into usable irrigation water. This capability alone already makes them your green choice, but know that they excel in many other aspects other than just their better performance.

Although conventional septic tanks have their good aspects, their drawbacks can still make them quite the costly choice in the long run. So as early as now, consider a disposal and treatment system that even gives you the ability to reuse wastewater.