Renovations that Boost the Value of your Home

House on Renovation

Purchasing fixer upper homes is no longer about saving on upfront costs. Most people who go for it nowadays are majorly focused on gaining equity and also seizing the opportunity to customize their living space.

The secret to renovating your house beautifully without breaking the budget lies in the planning bit of the project. Identifying the must touch areas will go a long way in ensuring that your house will rank best in the home for sale in Columbia listing.


Any homebuyer will walk straight into the kitchen anytime they are viewing a house. Reason being, it is the most used and misused space in any home. That said, the fastest and the most obvious upgrade in the kitchen is the appliances, countertops, flooring, and cabinets. Therefore, check what is on the market today, which is likely to appeal to the buyers. For instance, you may consider a granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, rubber flooring and wooden cabinetry.


This section gives you ultimate value with no extensive costs. Scrubbing up space and adding a fresh layer of semi-gloss paint and new grout can have a huge impact. However, if you want an extensive makeover, you may update the flooring, the tiles and stone features as well as add walk-in showers and floating glass if your bathroom space can fit.


Floors occupy the largest space of any home. Therefore, worn out carpeting, outdated tiles, and faded unattractive wood flooring is likely to be noticed. Depending on your style and available funds, you can select from the myriad ways available to renovate your floors. Note that if you have a wood floor that looks old and lacks lustre, a simple refinishing can save you total replacement.

However, it is critical to note that, regardless of the areas you decide to focus on, keep your renovation budget relative to the total value of your house. For instance, if the prices are modest in your area, it will make no sense installing a fancy outdoor fireplace or a modern state of the art kitchen.