Pattern and Color: What to Look for in Pool Liners

Pool liner design for a pool

Choosing the right pool liners is among the decisions you have to make when building your pool. Pool liners influence the appearance of a pool, and you need to conduct pool maintenance in Allen, TX to extend the life of your pool liners. Understanding the different options and how pool liners work will help you make the right decision. Some of the factors to consider include:


Pool liners come in different patterns and tile options. Some patterns resemble natural stones, ceramic tiles, or marble. These patterns create a beautiful view when sunlight hits the pool. A useful tip when choosing the pattern of the liner is to look for one that will complement your pool’s surroundings.


What color do you want your pool to take? Pool liners affect the overall of the color, but the natural lighting around your pool will also influence the color of your pool. The four common colors are vivid blue, light blue, deep blue, and aqua. Understanding what each color offers will help you make a choice:

Light blue – Light blue liners attract a less amount of sunlight and hence are not prone to fading as a result of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This liner gives a clear view of the bottom of the pool than liners of other colors.

Deep blue – Deep blue pool liners absorb sunlight better than other colors and will thus keep your pool warm. On the other hand, it is hard to view the bottom of the pool, and it could get hard to see the debris and dirt in the pool.

Aqua – Aqua pool liners are the most popular liners among many homeowners. You can incorporate gray options to complement your aqua liners.

Vivid blue – Vivid blue is darker than aqua and appears brighter in sunlight, making your pool appear vibrant. This color is appealing and blends well with any landscaping.

Regardless of your choice of the pool liner, pool maintenance is key in keeping it in best shape. You will also need to replace the pool liner after some time to create a new look in your pool.