Maintenance Routines for Crucial Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool

Building a swimming pool is only the first step towards trouble-free poolside entertainment. After creating a perfect pool, it’s essential to keep it in tip-top shape. There are various aspects involved in swimming pool maintenance.

Mechanical equipment is typically the point of focus for swimming pool maintenance in Salt Lake City properties. Though some hardware does not take much to keep in optimal condition, the pump, filter, and heater of your pool require expert maintenance. Here are some procedures involved in the maintenance of these crucial pieces of equipment:

The Pool Pump

The pump is generally self-priming, but it still needs high-level maintenance. The strainer basket, which seals the lid housing your pump, requires periodic cleaning. Neglecting the pump’s maintenance typically causes poor water flow and results in water leakage.

The Pool Filter

There are three primary categories of pool filters, including sand, diatomaceous earth, and cartridge. Regardless of your type of filter, periodic cleaning is essential to keep your water clean. The frequency of your pool filter’s cleaning depends on the rate of your pool’s use and ranges from three to four times annually. Pool cleaning experts check the flow meter and pressure gauge of your pool to assess its need for filter cleaning since a dirty filter increases the flow difference between these two implements.

The Pool Heater

Not cleaning your pool heater results in calcium buildup, which restricts water flow. Experts will disassemble the heater then clean its tubes using a wire brush or acid. Pool heaters are cleaned three to four times annually.

The given pieces of pool equipment are among the most expensive to install and replace. However, with proper maintenance, their breakdowns will be minimal. Hence, it is imperative to collaborate with a qualified pool cleaner to handle their maintenance.