Home DIY Project: 4 Useful Advice When Building a Glass House

Woman harvesting tomatoes from a greenhouse

If you are leaning towards the idea of growing your own food, having a greenhouse right at your backyard is probably something you have considered doing. Most people would think this may be an extremely challenging project, but there are now options allowing people to do things on their own.

Edenlite shares some pieces of advice on how you could DIY this type of building project. Below are just some of the most basic steps to know:

1. Determine the Size

You do not need a big space to create your own glass house, it’s just a matter of planning and designing. To do that, you need an exact measurement of the area you want to use up in your yard. This is so you could adjust your supplies and your space on this project.

2. Choose Your Materials

To start the construction, you need to find the right supplies for the project. One of the things you need to do is look at your material options. You will find a variety of them in the market, but to get the most suitable glass house kit, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

3. Decide on the Orientation

To capture the right amount of sunlight for your future greenhouse, it is important to choose the best location and orientation. Depending on the weather, you might often find yourself confused as to which side or direction is best to build the greenhouse.

For colder regions, the ideal orientation for your glass house is to have it face the east light, so it could easily gain the amount of heat required for the day. If you live in a neighbourhood with a warm and humid weather, direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended as it might dry up your garden instantly.

4. Find the Right Insulation

Another important factor is choosing an insulation to give your greenhouse the right amount of temperature. This will greatly influence the growth and health of your garden plant. For this portion, you need to ensure that there is no glazing to have a better control of humidity levels.

For your DIY greenhouse construction project, be sure to keep these considerations in mind. This will allow you to create a structure that is most suitable for what you need and what will fit in your premises. If it gets too complicated, you may always get advice and help from an expert, so you could focus on this project more than anything else.