Feed the Guests: What to Have at Your Engagement Party

Friends celebrating an engaged friend

Now that both of you are wearing the rings that confirm you are about to get hitched, maybe it is time to share the news. You may have chosen a few friends and family members to know the news first, but eventually, you want the others to know it as well.

A simple engagement party will do. It also makes an excellent venue for a reunion, and it may even give you a grasp of how your wedding will be in the future. So make this party a blast! So before you think of showing your engagement rings from AAA Jewelry in Utah to your family and friends, plan first the menu of the soiree.

Here are some suggestions.

Keep ‘em handy

If you want it to be real simple, you just have to offer a few selections of finger foods. Sliced clubhouse sandwiches, filling canapes, and fish sticks will make good choices. If you want them to be more flavorful, make some dips. Mozzarella dips with artichoke will always be flexible. Cold cuts and cheeses are also good!

You may want it to be healthy

Many of your guests are surely health-conscious, so you may want to serve something healthy, too. If you are not so sure what to serve, you can have a salad bar. There may be a few greens, some meats, dairy, and fruits. Your vegan friends will surely thank you for it.

Don’t forget the drinks!

Drinks should be more than refreshing—they should be flavorful! You may want to serve some orange or fruit-based punch. If you want some alcohol but don’t want something heavy, you can serve some wine or champagne.

These are only some of the food ideas you may want to serve. Before you finalize your menu, you should find out first whether your guests are sensitive to some food or have allergies.