Breaking Down Your Rig: The Basic Parts of a Vape

E-cigarette kit

With the rise in popularity of vaping, more and more people are becoming curious as to how a vaping device works. Usually, people can ask vape shops like Independent Vapor Company about the basics of vaping like how it works or what e-juices work best.

However, to fully maximize the vaping experience, users need to know the basic fundamentals of what makes up a vaping device.


This is the component that powers the device. Because it’s the part that supplies power to everything in your vape, it’s also one of the most important. Batteries can either be non-replaceable internal batteries, or replaceable rechargeable batteries.

The voltage of your battery determines how strong you can vaporize the e-juice, so it’s best to choose the one that will most fit your needs.


The atomizer is the heat-resistant part of the vape that houses the resistance coils and wick. There are various types of atomizers, from Rebuildable Tank and Dripping Atomizers to Hybrid Atomizers. Each type has its own unique features and drawbacks.

Resistance Coil and Wick

The resistance coil is a piece of wire that conducts heat. The length and girth of the resistance coil determine the amount of heat it can produce. Usually, resistance coils are made from nickel, as is considered the safest and most stable material for vaping.

The heat from the coils is what ignites the wick. The wick is usually made from different types of materials, from cotton and stainless steel mesh to ceramic and twisted silica cord.


The e-juice is the solution that is vaporized in the device. Once the e-juice is vaporized, it turns into thick clouds of smoke. Usually, e-juices come in a variety of tastes and scents, ranging from classic flavors like vanilla or strawberry to more outrageous ones like pizza and roast beef!

E-juices are usually made from a solution of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. While these chemicals might sound scary, they’re actually very safe; in fact, propylene glycol is the same component used in asthma inhalers.

So, these are the basic parts of a vape. Knowing what these parts do can give users insight on how to customize and elevate their vaping experience!