Basics of First Aid for Parents

Aided Teddy Bear

It takes a village to raise a child. There are, however, things you need to manage on your own, like the safety of your kids and your whole family, especially in times of emergencies. As parents, you are responsible for your children and each other.

Learning first aid need not be difficult. It’s recommended to train as a group or your whole family. You can even invite friends. Some training providers send trainers to you if you want to learn as a team.

Here are some first aid situations to watch out if you are a parent.

 Your child the explorer

Consider this: even before your baby is born, you have already put lots of thought into his or her safety. When your child grows, the curiosity also grows. They begin to explore. You also discover more things that you may need to guard against or avoid. Bumps, cuts, and scrapes may be an inevitable result. You need first aid to address this.

Also, you can manage this given the right childproofing gear. For toddlers and older children, you may opt to cover sockets to prevent electrocution and install furniture fasteners to ensure that no heavy furnishing topples as they learn to walk, climb, and run.

 Undergo first aid training

You may as well include learning first aid skills. Your child may suffer some injuries that may require emergency first responder procedures, like CPR. While online resources are great and can often lead you in the right direction, some remedies offered online may do more harm than good. Make sure you know what is right from wrong.

More benefits

Note that any child safety course you take can teach you more than just how to deal with child emergencies. Most first aid treatments apply to children and adults alike, with some adjustments. This means what you learn will be beneficial on multiple levels.

In all cases, do not forget to call triple zero (000) when confronted with an emergency involving your child.