At a Glance: The Trends and Demand for Air Conditioning Units

An AC being repaired

Because of worsening global warming and decreasing costs of air conditioning units, sales of ACs globally may reach 137.8 million units by 2020. Consequently, the demand for services in maintaining or repairing air conditioners is also on the rise.

For example, a company with air conditioning services here in Whangamata provides technical support, like sales, installation and maintenance of AC units to businesses and households alike.

Worsening Environmental Temperatures

The world is heating up. It is not surprising that more homes and industries are installing air-conditioning units. Houses, on the one hand, are installing such units for the residents’ comfort during hotter days. On the other side, business owners install air-conditioners to encourage employee productivity.

Cooler temperatures promote comfort and relax the body. When people experience comfort and relaxation, they efficiently complete tasks as their bodies are rested, as their minds become sharper.

Growing Economy

With the increased urbanisation in most parts of the world, the standards of living have become substantially higher. Ergo, the demand for clean, quality air rises as well. This is especially true not only in manufacturing industries but also in other commercial buildings like those in the services sector.

Also, progressive increases in population have led to the rise in residential construction activities with a consequent demand for ACs.

Increasing Efficiency

Most air conditioners nowadays emit less carbon footprint. Further, most consume less 30 percent energy than the traditional ones. And air-conditioners designed to go green mostly use HFC-32, a refrigerant with almost no risks for ozone depletion.

Also, prices of air-conditioners have become much lower. These factors have spurred the demand for greener solutions to global warming.

Technology in the past, though teeming with breakthroughs, used to be very destructive on the environment. AC units have come a long way to become greener and more efficient. Advancements in technology, though desirable, should fit in with the current and future demands of the planet.