Air Conditioning Maintenance to Get an Energy-Efficient Home

Man installing AC system

We always want to feel completely comfortable in our own home, which is why we tend to turn the air conditioner on whenever we feel hot and humid. The air conditioning is one of the biggest contributors to high electricity bills, which is why we get shocked whenever we receive our monthly electricity bills.

There are definitely ways to save energy while still having the air conditioner on. Here, Conduct Air Conditioning and other experts will give you tips and explain why getting ducted air conditioning repairs in Sydney is a must.

Keep it at 24° Celsius

In Australia, the ideal temperature for an air conditioning unit should be at 24°C in the summer and 20°C in the winter. This will keep your unit from working overtime, which can easily cause an overload, make it heat up, and can eventually lead to it breaking down. These temperatures mimic the ideal temperature outside, which is why it would be best to follow this for your own unit.

Turn Your Unit on in the Morning

Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning units must be turned on early in the morning to prevent it from working overtime during noon. It can be extremely hot during the midday, which means that your air conditioner will work harder during that time and can cause it to break down eventually. Leave the air conditioner for a couple of hours in the morning, so you would still feel the cold air even after a few hours has passed.

Do Not Crank it Up Right Away

Avoid putting your thermostat at a low temperature right away, as this can only make things worse for your unit. Remember to start high, then eventually bring it down to a lower temperature after a few minutes to make your air conditioning unit warm up at first.

Make sure to call your local repair guys if ever something happens to your unit. Also, have them service it every three months to make sure that everything is going great.