4 Scary Signs Your Vehicle’s Lights Need Replacing

car lights

Your vehicles lights are an essential security feature, allowing you to see and be seen when using the road at night. Therefore, you need to do your best to make sure that they’re properly working. The good news is that lights don’t fail without giving you enough warning signals.

When the headlights or LED light bar for your tow trucks are on the verge of collapse, you’ll start to notice these four things.


Among the first symptoms of a bad bulb is dimming. This problem is usually because of wear and tear, and you can solve this by replacing the light. Keep in mind that a dim light does not produce the illumination needed to keep you safe on the road, and that can be a great safety hazard.


Flickering is another indicator that your headlight has approached the end of its useful life. Usually, the issue is due to wear and tear, but sometimes the culprit can be a bad connection. Either way, the bulb will burn out shortly after the trouble has started, so you need to deal with it right away.

Cracking or chipping

If there are cracks on your headlight, then it’s only a matter of time before the lights accumulate moisture and become cloudy. That results in a reduction of the amount of illumination your lights are supposed to give off, which may greatly compromise security. Have your mechanic inspect and fix the problem.

Lights are out

Obviously, a headlight that is out is useless. Once the headlight ceases to function don’t dare drive the vehicle, especially in conditions of reduced visibility. Rather, let your mechanic investigate what the trouble might be. Almost always, you’ll need to replace the light, but that’s nothing compared to the risk of driving without a headlight.

Dimming, flickering, cracked or non functioning lights can pose a lot of danger to you and other road users on the highway. As soon as you notice these symptoms, taking prompt action is your best course of action.