3 Date Ideas to Wow Your Prospective Partner

Happy couple

With the dating game made so much easier by the prevalence of social media and the advent of dating apps, it’s easy to forget that making a great first impression in person matters. All of that boils down to having a first great date.

That’s not so much easier now as people are getting more particular about experiences — making dinner and a movie a passé idea. Here are three unique ideas for date night in Charlotte, NC, that will make you stand out.

Picnic at the park

Parks can be bustling and busy in the daytime, with families and joggers everywhere. At night, however, it can be cool, quiet, and rather romantic. If you can pick a quiet yet safe spot under the soft light of the moon and street lamps, you have the perfect spot for a sweet little night picnic.

A bit of wine is a great addition, but make sure the meal you prepare is memorable, light, and not messy. It’s best if you make them yourself for bonus points.


Many perceive miniature golf as just a family-and-friends type of activity more than a romantic date one. That’s because these can be very cramped and filled up during the day. But, mini golf can be a special, unique idea for a date night in Charlotte, NC.

You could even rent the course for a little personal touch and a bit of decorating as well. This makes for a great opportunity to have a little active fun and bonding experience — as exercise releases happy hormones.

Own movie night

The reason movie dates can get really boring is that people usually take a “safe” movie choice — movies that are simply popular and light-hearted. But remember people have unique movie choices!

A better way to go is to watch one movie each that one or the other likes right after. This will give you a fun conversation after in which you talk about what you both like in the movies the other one chose.

These three ideas will help diversify the dating experience for you. Give them a try on your next first date.