Work and Play: Trendy Offices

Man and woman in a trendy office

The kinds of working spaces millennials find comfortable and efficient are a lot different from that of baby boomers. The concept of trendy in offices has evolved. Millennials have started to look up to the stylish offices of Google, Facebook, and the like.


Say goodbye to the typical black, wheeled computer chair and say hello to unique office furniture. According to Urban95, this is the era wherein the office furniture is designed to suit whichever mood an employee might be in. This helps employees focus on their assigned task and work in an environment focused on creative freedom.


Baby boomers prefer closed-off spaces wherein they can enjoy privacy and concentration. Millennials prefer offices wherein there are lots of space and random spots for casual meetings. Also, colors are also a huge factor. It helps boost the employees’ working capabilities. Therefore, say goodbye to cubicles and say hello to sofas and customized tables. One good example would be that of Airbnb’s HQ, which features a lot of work stations that are cozy yet perky.


There is no doubt that the digital age is upon us. The expectations when it comes to work-spaces are to be high-tech. It also should include spaces where teams can engage in recreational activities. A good example would be that of Google’s popular offices worldwide. Their company offers a stage band setup wherein employees can have a good time. Also, there is a high-tech gym for physical health.

There is a huge difference in the definition of a popular office now, compared with that of previous generations. In office design, the focus on process efficiency and productivity has shifted to staff creativity and their well-being. If your office still employs standards from the past, it’s time think of something more in tune with the changing times.