Why Investing in a Condominium is a Good Idea

photo of a condominium

Are you considering getting a condo? Why not consider the newly launched condos in Paya Lebar, Park Place Residences. The development offers a variety of unit types in different sizes, and makes a suitable choice for prospective, first-time homeowners.

Also known as condominiums, condos refer to a house where the owner has the ownership rights to the interior of the home but shares external parts of the home with other homeowners.

Why Buy a Condo?


Living in a single entity home may feel lonely, and can be quite insecure. Condos haveĀ gated systems or security guard services. Besides that, you are at a close range with your neighbours, who would be the first to respond in case of an emergency.

Low Maintenance

The external area of a condo is under a homeowner’s association. Therefore, you do not have to care about overgrown grass and maintain the landscape. The association is responsible for keeping the area in excellent condition. The condominium fee that you pay sorts all the expenses that will go into property maintenance.


Putting up amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, or a theatre in your property is an expensive and engaging process. Condos have these facilities within reach that you and your family can enjoy at a subsidised fee.

Low Cost

Condos are a cost-friendly option for individuals who want to be homeowners. It is less expensive to buy a condo than it would cost you in other types of private housing. It is also cheaper than long-term renting of apartments.

Condos enable you to become a homeowner without shouldering the responsibilities you would have as an owner of a house and land property.