Why an installment loan is an easier choice

Man holding a mortgage document

Paying for one’s mortgage or education loan, or even to finance some home improvement needs require ready capital. Particularly with having bad credit, finding some relief is even harder. Good thing there is the reliable installment loan.

There are many providers of installment loans in Ogden, from small financial services companies to commercial banks. These types of loans are easy to obtain yet may be challenging to manage.

How these loans work

An installment loan is a type of loan that has a set of scheduled payments over a period of time. The loan term may easily be just 24 months or could go up to 60 months. Unlike payday loans that are paid as a single lump sum on the borrower’s next payday, an installment loan can be paid evenly across a number of months depending on the loan term.

Apart from being regularly paid every month, installment loans can be fixed (i.e. does not change from month to month). This gives the borrower enough leverage to plan payments. After one payment is made, the loan balance and interest costs (i.e. via loan amortization) are reduced.

Better than most small loans

The popularity of installment loans recently came from the ease of securing one especially those with bad credit scores. They are typically offered at lending shops along with other short-term loans.

One thing that sets installment loans from its closest alternative, i.e. payday loans, is that you pay off the loan gradually without being shocked by a balloon payment that is characteristic of a payday loan.

Some caution

Installment loans, however, can easily be abused. When securing loans, your portfolio must only include important ones like a home loan and a student loan or an auto loan. There are some installment loans that can potentially hurt your credit, notably if you use finance companies. It is ideal to secure such loans from non-finance companies, of which Ogden has a number of.