Three secrets to help a house sale move faster

man and woman checking a home for saleMany people feel left out of the loop during a house sale. This is often because they feel strongly about something that they have little control over once the conveyancing process has started. The stakes become even higher if there is a time pressure or if they are in a chain. Fortunately, there are some things that clients can do to ensure the process is moving along. Some of these also increase their engagement in the process so they feel more in control.

Engage conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth straight away

There is no reason to wait, once an offer has been accepted, before instructingconveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, suchas Andrew & Andrew. A good solicitor understands the importance of momentum and communication when it comes to a house purchase. A client can expect a member of the team to respond in a timely manner to all enquiries and ensure they are kept informed along the way.

House buyers can also think about what survey they want at this point and look for a surveyor to execute it for them.

Carefully check all paperwork

A mistake in the paperwork can derail the process. People see so much paperwork in daily life that it’s tempting to just tick the boxes and move on. However, it can take a while for any issues to be picked up and any mistakes can cost extra money as well as time.

Clients need to feel comfortable asking their conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, about anything that seems unclear. A quick call or email can save a lot of time in the long run.

Be part of the process

It is possible for conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth to keep clients informed about all correspondence. In today’s world, a lot of communication takes place via email so it is easy to bcc them into a conversation.

House buyers know their situation better than anyone, even after they have given their solicitor all they need to proceed. If anything isn’t right, they can spot it early and query it so it doesn’t extend the process. This also means that they can see that things are progressing and that they don’t need to be concerned.