Three factors to Help You Dig for the Right Excavator

excavator machine at excavation earthmovingHiring an excavator is essential for various construction jobs. From large-scale commercial projects to smaller landscaping jobs, earthmovers handle different projects. However, before you hire a digger, you need to consider various things, to ensure you get the right equipment for the job. Here are tips to guide you.

Bucket Capacity

The bucket is one of the most important components in an excavator. It scoops material during the digging process. The bucket capacity determines the quantity of material it can move at any one time. If you are dealing with a large project, then you should hire a digger with a large bucket. If you are looking for consistency, especially in aesthetic projects such as landscaping, then you should choose a machine with a smaller bucket. Bucket sizes does not sound important right now but the amount of earth you will move in your project necessitates the right capacity.

Excavator Weight

You should also evaluate the weight specifications of an excavator before hiring one. If you worry about surface damage, then you should choose a lighter digger. For example, if you are changing landscapes in commercial or residential properties, then you should rent a lighter machine. As much as it may take longer to complete the project, it will protect the work site.

Dig Depth

Before you hire a digger, you need to check its maximum dig-depth specifications. Dig-depth specifications refer to the depth you can cover and remove the materials using the earthmover. It is, therefore, advisable to first identify the depth that you intend to cover during the project. You should then use that information and then compare it with the data provided on the different excavators. Dig depth will affect the hiring rates since digging deeper requires more engine power.

Hiring an earthmover comes with various benefits. With proper and thorough research on the points noted above, you will get the best equipment for your project.