Team Buildings Shouldn’t Suck: Reasons to Organize Activities

Team building with the employees

There’s a school of thought that suggests team building activities are not as effective as they are touted to be. This post begs to disagree. While there are team building activities that most employees are hesitant to join, there are those that they would love. It all depends on timing and planning.

You can have your team stay at an expensive resort, but that doesn’t ensure success. Even an activity center for rent in Imus, Cavite such as is more than enough if the facilitation is effective and the planning is spot-on.

With that said, there are reasons you should give your employees some time for team building. Here are the top five.

Getting to know each other

Especially if you have many employees, they may not have the opportunity to get together and learn more about each other, which becomes an issue if you need them to collaborate on projects. Team building helps them know other people from other departments, helping the work culture.

Learning to work together

With the right activities and facilitation, you can help employees learn how to work together, whether they belong to one team back at the office or to different departments. This lessens the time wasted on trying to become comfortable with each other back at work.

Healthy competition

Team building knocks people out of their comfort zones so that you can encourage them to compete once again, which helps in productivity.

Motivation and fun

How much fun do your employees have at work? You can’t say for sure. But with team building, you can give them an opportunity to have fun and recharge, which is helpful in motivating them once again. This is why many companies hold team building activities at least once a year.

Encouraging creativity

With team building activities that challenge people to think outside the box, you can foster creativity among your employees. This gets the creative juices flowing, and they are likely to bring it with them when they get back to work.

Open communication

Employees who would otherwise keep to themselves may open up when they get together for team building. This is how you want to run your company, with people having an equal share of the process, which makes them feel better and more inspired.

Team building is not outdated. It’s a much-needed part of running a business where employees need to work together to be more effective.