Safely Using the a Lorry with a Tailgate

Lorry on a snowy road

When loading stuff onto a lorry, it’s convenient to have a tailgate that can automatically lift items. You can enjoy easy loading without the need to use a forklift or manually carrying heavy loads. However, because of the mechanical nature of machinery, there’s always a risk of getting involved in an accident, whether minor or life-threatening. Neglecting safety procedures when using a tailgate can cause accidents and even death.

To prevent accidents from happening when using a lorry with a tailgate, you should know what to do before, during, and after using one. Here are some tips from the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) of Singapore.

Precautions before Using the Tailgate

In the medical field, they say that prevention is better than cure. The same is applicable in the industrial world. It’s better to take precautionary measures than implement remedies after an incident has already happened.

Before using a lorry, you should formulate safe working procedures and conduct risk assessments. Ensure that suitable warning signals, whether visual or audio, are in place to stop the tailgate from working when a person gets access to the trapping zone. There should also be separate communication devices for the operator and other individuals to facilitate effective dissemination of instructions.

It’s also important to follow national and international standards, and manufacturer’s instructions before using the lorry.

Working Procedures While Using the Tailgate

On the other hand, properly some procedures should be observed once the tailgate is being used. Any person shouldn’t be allowed to get close between the lorry’s rear end and the tailgate. At the same time, the necessary instruction, safety information, and supervision should be given to the individuals involved as they carry out their tasks.

Safety Procedures after Using the Tailgate

Finally, after using a lorry with tailgate, it should be inspected by the right authorities and maintained by its owners. This should continue regularly to ensure the tailgate’s efficient and safe operate correctly

By applying the appropriate precautionary measures, you will feel confident that nobody can get hurt when the lorry is being used.