Manpower: The Greatest Resource for Businesses

Trucks lined up for the truck driving company

Regardless of your industry, human resources are your most valuable resource. This is true even for industries that rely heavily on technology. Despite the prevalence of automation, there are some job roles that you cannot entrust to software.

Here are some of them:

Truck Driving

There is no shortage of CDL truck driver job openings because it is an important part of business operations. Truck drivers need to be alert and ready to take on the role for the full duration of their shirt. Often, they handle the transfer of delicate goods and essential equipment, depending on the kind of business they are employed under. They need to make decisions while on the road, and they need to adapt to whatever conditions they encounter. We’re a long way from making driver-less transportation a norm. Until then, truck drivers will be needed.


Yes, there are different kinds of software to take care of accounting, but you should still have a pair of eyes to look at the entries and double-check data integrity. The accounting software may fail to return the correct values when it is fed the wrong data. A misplaced decimal point or an additional zero can make all the difference and even cause the company’s downfall. A qualified accountant can catch these errors and correct them before they become a bigger and more expensive issue later on.


Companies these days are treated to online software that helps with on-boarding, but there are certain parts of the process that still require human interaction. The human resources’ department takes care of helping the new employee adjust to the work environment. That human touch certainly helps during the adjustment period. If you use on-boarding software for everything, you are already alienating the new employee even before they officially start working.

Sometimes, automation is the answer to productivity and efficiency issues. However, not everything can be automated. You need the right people for the right jobs; otherwise, your business will fail.